How To Start A Lawn Service Business – How Much To Charge?

Keep in mind scrawny teenage kid that would troll the neighborhood during this summer season wanting to cut your grass? Well guess what? You’re because teenage kid.

Not exactly. He’s actually sort of your competition. He has been out there hustling up business to make some money during the summertime because he’s saving up for a car. He’s got quite a few pretty serious motivation. That being said, how much does he bill to cut a yard? His price is actually a good place to start.

The reason he is a good place to start is the fact that he’s hitting any house on the street. He’s offering a price and if there is him cutting a yard, it means his price appeared to be acceptable. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not expressing you need to charge what he charges, I’m just declaring that since he’s getting business, you should find out his particular price. Usually his price will be a one shot cash plus carry price. The customer you want is the monthly account. Individual that wants their lawn cut usually once a week during the growing season and pays by the month. Those are often the customers that build your foundation on which you can grow your internet business.

Call a few Lawn service Concord and find out what they charge. Find what’s included and how they bill. Those are your individual true competition. If you find out they all charge an average of $85 per month, advertise your service at $79 per month. There’s seriously no need to undercut your competition too far. You will more than likely not be acquiring any of their business unless they are doing poor operate and their customer isn’t happy. You’ll find out that long word lawn services usually have very loyal customers. Many of our customers have been with me for several years.

Find out their billing types of procedures. I find that many services want payment before they the work. For many customers, especially new ones, this is an on the spot failure. I add a customer to my route, next bill everyone on the first few days of the month. The check is not due until the end of the month. They are finding cash for work after it’s completed. Many services feel that is too risky. I can tell you, in my experience it’s not. Most of this customers pay within a few weeks of receiving the bill.

Always remember. It’s difficult to dramatically raise prices on your customers hence don’t try to lowball your pricing just to grab providers thinking you can just jack up the prices in a few months. It does not take you long to realize you’re doing a lot of labor for not much money and when you make that big amount increase your customer will drop you like a bad habit.